Our idea for Uncage The Beast came from the determination to succeed to be better than we were yesterday and to find what exactly is it that we do when pushing ourselves to new levels.

We always look for inspiration and push each other to reach new heights and we want to be that inspiration for anyone looking to achieve their goals.

When we do anything in life, it is always great to find something or someone that drives you and inspires you to do your absolute best from the simplest or the hardest things in life.

When doing anything that is physically or mentally challenging you must dig, and I MEAN DIG down deep within yourself and UNCAGE THE BEAST within to push and give it everything you got to get it done.



I grew up in Northern California, loved to be outside and loved to be destructive. I was a Tom Boy and growing up with an older brother always wanted to feel excepted by him and all of his friends as one of the cool girls. I was always the first to get a group together for some courtyard baseball aka slugfest LOL. I would try my hardest to have this power stance like a pro baseball player and rocket that ball as hard and far as I could.That spilled over into every other aspect of my life. Always had that go big or go home attitude, even when life was getting the best of me but i would continue to push and conquer. I am a very active person and in my early 20's I found myself addicted to the gym and Mountain biking.I started to get very strong and always pushed my self to be better.AT this point I was introduced to the movie "Pumping Iron" anyone that works out this is a classic must see. Continued to build knowledge , work out and ride my bikes. My whole world changed when I learned "The Eye of The Tiger" I have had some of the best training partners EVER!! At this point is where I was exposed to real training "Pain Train" the will and courage to push through any opstical or challenge. To fight through when your mind is telling you to stop but you know your body can keep going. Nothing like putting on your game face and crushing whatever is put in front of you. With such an active lifestyle and the want to always be better this is where another fight has begun "Uncage The Beast"!! Sidney and I were locked in a cabin for a week in Lake Tahoe, CA and this is where this new venture came to life. There is something to say "Uncage Your Beast" in the gym, biking, any sport or just life! About having "The Eye of The Tiger" in everything you do. We hope to inspire others and to provide what is needed for that beast inside of you.This is where our journey begins and to grow with our products and our Beast family.  


I was born and raised in Northern Ca. and to say the least I had a rough upbringing. Aside from the normal adolescent times of being hardheaded one of the things that made it hard is that I suffered from asthma since a toddler which at the time had me in and out of the hospital and on medications for the early years of my life, which had an adverse effect on my overall health, from weight gain to stunt in growth to bone degeneration and the list goes on. As I got older I have found inspiration in others I watched who I would always say I want to look like. I remember watching the HULK and would always wait for the moment where someone would piss him off and he would turn into this big green muscle-bound maniac. I wanted to be like the Hulk but I guess minus the part of being green and acting like a maniac. I wanted the big muscles but never new how to get there especially being that I fought being overweight my whole life.

Now that I am older I have found new inspiration by surrounding myself with people and things that are positive and that make me want to be better, through hard work and determination and I am in better shape than I have ever been before and I am continuing to strive to be better always!

Side note:
Positivity is key, never give up, believe in yourself when nobody else does, when times get hard fight harder to see it through!

And as my Father would say Keep up the good fight!